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The skinny on silk plants

丝绸植物和树木是很棒的这样的人me who ‘forget’ to water their plants. Here’s one I’ve sort of nursed in my office for the last year…it looks uh, just ok. Let me rephrase that: it is lucky to be alive.




Now as we know, dust settles on horizontal surfaces (it’s not interested in vertical), so think of a silk plant as 1,000 little horizontal catchers for your household dust. Before you squirm too much, these arrangements and plants don’t need to be cleaned all the time, but a good quarterly dusting will do the trick and keep your silk plants looking great.

To clean a silk plant:

第1步 - 把它带到外面


第2步 - 不同的笔画

Grab yourself a clean soft-bristle paint brush and give your plant a quick dusting, leaf by leaf. To give you an idea of timing, this technique will take about 10 minutes to clean Gizelle’s plant. As with all dusting, I recommend you start at the top of the plant and work your way to the bottom so that dust does not re-settle on a cleaned area. I find the paint brush is better than a feather duster (I’m not really a fan of them) because it can get into smaller crevices and more effectivley moves dust off the leaf. You can brush the branches and trunk at this time as well, working your way down from top to bottom, of course.

When the leaves are dusted, brush the base of the plant clean of any dust too.


What about silk flowers?


I have tried another technique though; dishwashing silk flowers. In theory, almost any plastic item be cleaned in the dishwasher so long as it is placed on the top rack (so that it doesn’t melt) and is washed without detergent. I had heard of this working and decided to put it to the test with some pretty deep purple Dahlias that I had from Michael’s. So, my expectation was that they would come out clean and they certainly did. However, the unexpected byproduct of this was that the flowers actually dyed the lining of my dishwasher. Not hot at all, let me tell you. Seeing that my house is somewhat of a test lab, I’ve since let it go and don’t pay too much attention to my slightly purple upper rack of the dishwasher. Having that experience, I don’t know how strongly I recommend that method either. Stick with the paintbrush!

If you need to get an idea,这是你要找的刷子的鲍勃罗斯的版本。现在这是一个关于画笔(和头发)了解一两件事的人!


Melissa Maker是一个企业家,清洁专家,多伦多最受欢迎的精品清洁服务,以及YouTube上清洁的清洁恒星(但她仍然讨厌清洁!)。每周,Melissa在清洁产品,工具,DIY替代品和实用,令人惊地的解决方案上提供新的视频剥离专家建议。Melissa出现在今天的展示上,并已在透明度,真实的简单和更好的家园和花园中得到特色。


  1. Call me old fashioned, but for some very dense large wreaths, I took it outside and distanced myself and used a leaf blower ( (but do it in the backyard so your neighbors don’t see the dust storm). For those silk greens on the top shelf, I too dunk just the plant upside down in water and leave upside down to dry. For my silk trees, I carefully wrap the basket in a plastic bag and lay sideways over the patio table when rains, shake and turn a few times. The rain water does not leave spots.

  2. I have some that are hung high up, and I am rather height impaired (my ex womb mate received the height gene, and the looks, I am the smart one!) anyway one year I was hosting Christmas, this was in the eighties, and I noticed the dust on the silk plants, I was in a rush to get ready and for some reason I sprayed them with hair spray, and guess what! Not only did they not look dusty, but ended up shiny! I even received comements on how nice they looked. Now only I knew that I had actually hairsprayed the dust on them forever, but it did the trick, and I still do that, once or twice a year, and they still look great! Oh I also use hair spray to kill flying bugs. So some people call me crazy hairspray bird lady!

  3. 嗨梅丽莎和读者!




    Happy shaking!

    • Trail and error girl here (I;m allergic to everything on gods green earth so I’ve been in possession of quite the collection of fake plants) So I tried vacuuming the silk ficus and well… let’s just say it ended up with some bald spots. I tried covering the end with a paper towel and some cheese cloth to help but it only decreased suction so it was hard to get at all of it to dust. Blowing the dust off with canned air really worked for me!

      • 嗨Saakina



    • That method could really damage the plants or flowers. It sucks up the leaves and flower stems and disfigures the ones that are left. Believe me I tried it. LOL

  4. 压缩空气怎么样?从顶部到底部使用Swiffer Duster,然后以同样的方式跟进压缩空气(当然是在户外)

  5. 您好:是否有办法清洁植物或悬挂篮子中的素苔或树枝?就是想。我很担心,如果我的演出让他们湿透,他们会模具等。爱你的想法。谢谢你。/丽莎

  6. 感谢您的丝绸和塑料花的清洁提示。我确实在普拉特袋里用盐为绿色植物,就像葡萄藤悬挂过的葡萄藤,甚至是一些用丝绸花朵,它对我来说很棒。此外,在温暖的肥皂水中摇滚它们然后漂洗干净的水,让它们在毛巾上干燥(总是先检查它们的颜色跑步或不能抓住它们的形状),但是当他们只需要快速时,我喜欢你的想法除尘,谢谢

  7. i wash my silk flowers by swishing them around gently in warm water and a little bit of dishwashing liquid. they look brand new by the end of it! just lay them on a towel to dry!


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