How Clean Is Your House?: 5 Cleaning Tips



Of course, I’m not perfect, and my house isn’t perfect. But as a person with over 15 years of professional cleaning experience, I know what to look for quickly in a space to assess just how clean it is.

If you’re wondering why I’m telling you this, it’s because I want to give you a professional cleaner’s perspective so you can learn how to clean like a professional! That way, when you are assessing your own space, you’ll know exactly what areas to hit to get your home cleaned quickly and cleaned well.

Today we’re talking home scents, clean floors, wall cleaning, and more! So let’s see how clean your house really is.

1. Home Scents


One of the first things I notice when I walk into someone’s home is the smell. Of course, everyone’s home has a scent, but we tend not to notice what our own homes smell like because we’re used to it. Febreze actually coined the term noseblind, meaning that we are “blind” to the smell in our own spaces.

Pets, food, and lack of cleaning can all add to a less than pleasant odor that a professional cleaner will be able to detect immediately. So, put your smelling nose on and deal with any unpleasant odors in your home by cleaning the source thoroughly. And for an extra oomph, check out myDIY Holiday Home Scents文章,我告诉你如何为假期提供自己的气味。





有关清洁地板的信息,请阅读我的文章DIY Floor CleanersandClean Your Hardwood Floors.

Melissa Maker mopping the floor

3. Dusty Surfaces

You’ve probably seen a character in a movie or TV show, or maybe just your mother-in-law, wipe their finger on a surface and look disgustedly at their dusty finger. It’s a pretty rude move, but we should be doing this more often in our own spaces.

And honestly, you can tell with a quick glance—no need for the finger swipe. Knowing where dust likes to hide is helpful here. When dusting, a professional cleaner knows exactly what areas to pay extra attention to.


保持在这些领域的顶部是将额外抛光放在家中的好方法,这些地区正是专业清洁剂将是直列的。需要更多的粉尘救命吗?我有一篇文章:10 Handy Dusting Tips.

4. Wall Cleaning



Before Chad and I moved into our home, it was home to a household with five children. And let me tell you, the walls looked as if there was one long Adidas stripe around the whole house. It was all the kids’ handprints!

墙壁不是每周都需要清洁的那些东西之一(谢谢,清洁神!)。但是,当是时候清洁它们时,阅读我的文章,如何清洁墙壁和踢脚板。别忘了,超级多功能Maker’s Mopcan get floors, baseboards, and even walls and ceilings looking their best!

Melissa Maker using the Maker's Mop on her ceiling

5. Cleaning Surfaces

I know it sounds a little obvious to say you should clean surfaces. Like, we all know we have to clean surfaces. But specifically, I mean surfaces that get grimy buildup like soap scum on the sink, grease on the backsplash, toothpaste spray on the mirror, you get the idea.

I define grime as any kind of film or buildup that’s on a surface. If there is a minimal amount of grime, you can probably spray with a cleaner, let sit for a few minutes, and wipe. Easy peasy. But if there’s a lot of grime built up, you might need specialty products and tools.

That’s why it’s good to tackle these surfaces more frequently, so you don’t have to go out and buy those extra products and use that extra elbow grease. How I assess surfaces is I look for shiny, reflective surfaces because they show dirt and grime the most.


If you’re looking at a vertical surface like a stainless steel refrigerator, you can stand in front of it and shift from side to side, using the light reflecting off it to spot grime, fingerprints, etc. These are both great ways to detect grime and start tackling those surfaces. For even more information, check out my article,你家里最肮脏的表面!

Wiping the sink with a microfiber cloth


Whether it’s just for you to feel cozy and clean, or because your entire extended family is coming and you know Aunt Carol is going to run her fingers along any dust she sees, I hope my tips help you get your home spic and span.


Melissa Maker是一个企业家,清洁专家,多伦多最受欢迎的精品清洁服务,以及YouTube上清洁的清洁恒星(但她仍然讨厌清洁!)。每周,Melissa在清洁产品,工具,DIY替代品和实用,令人惊地的解决方案上提供新的视频剥离专家建议。Melissa出现在今天的展示上,并已在透明度,真实的简单和更好的家园和花园中得到特色。


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